Robo Raiders 2676

Welcome To The Ecorse Robo Raiders 2676's Website


All Students who would be interested in joining our team please contact Ms. Thigpen or Mr. E. via email or in person, All Email's & Other Contacts Can Be Found By Clicking The </Contact> Button. Our team participates in the First Robotics Steamworks, every year we are told what our robot must do for the upcoming competition, Teams will have 6 weeks to build a functional Robot for the competition. The Winning teams get to move forward to semi finals, states, nationals, etc... Our team meets everyday after school for about 1-2 hours to work on the robot, free food is provided for after school activities. We would love for anyone interested to come be apart of our team. Go Raiders !!!


Students are provided with a video at the beginning of the competition year on how to build the robot based on the skills it must acquire, students then have 6 weeks to build a functional robot, the game normally consists of 3 different game plays you can build it to do 1, 2 or all 3 game plays in the game. Once you go to your first designated competition location you will have time to tweet your robot to perfection, you will then take your robot to the inspectors to make sure your robot is not a danger to others and is able to play safely during the game. At the competition there is a practice field in order to try out your robot design. Teams from your local area are probably there competing also so if you need parts or just need an extra thinker be sure to go talk to the teams they are super helpful to everyone. Don't be discouraged if you loose a few rounds think about how you can improve your robot, what can you add in order to improve its performance, is it a build issue or a code issue? You be the judge!

James Endres -